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Be careful what you sacrifice to achieve your greatest desire

You know the drill

Stay motivated. Keep your eye on the prize. Concentrate your efforts by blocking out disruptions, diversions, and time-wasting detours. And take action every day — action that will eventually bring the result you want to achieve.

It’s the traditional formula for goal achievement — a practical, logical method of acquiring what you want out of life.

All good things, right? Usually — in fact, most of the time.

But there is one exception.

And before you prematurely discount what follows as just another philosophical derivative of “life is a journey, not a destination,” understand I’m a definite proponent of using goals to identify, prioritize, and…


For me, these are the things that have made a difference.

Sixty may be the new forty, but conventional assumptions and cultural bias about aging can still undermine your career, your professional relationships, and even the way strangers interact with you.

What is the best way to protect your personal power and maintain your professional influence as you get older?

The easy answer is to be proactive in maintaining your life skills, health, and mental acuity — all of which provide others with the opportunity to perceive your age as an asset instead of a liability.

But first, let’s face the facts.

Aging is an irrefutable fact of life: We get older. We change. And in our…


10 ways to become the exception to the myth of aging

“If only I could go with you,” Wendy sighed.
“You can’t go,” Peter said. “You’re too old. You’ve forgotten how to fly.”
“I am old, Peter. I am ever so much more than twenty. I grew up long ago.”
“You promised not to!”
“I couldn’t help it.”

When J.M. Barrie wrote the book, Peter Pan back in 1904, I doubt he had any idea his soon-to-be popular children’s story would also become a powerful metaphor about aging. For me, it’s the last line in the conversation between Wendy and Peter that’s the most significant.

“I couldn’t help it.”

We get older

We change…


How a friend’s predictions of the future changed my mind about getting older

The last few birthdays have left me overwhelmed with frustration.

Because no matter how times I told myself that “age is just a number,” I couldn’t dispel the harbinger of death constantly reminding me I’m running out of time.

The fact that my personal life clock continued to tick off the remaining days, hours, and minutes diminished the brightness of every sunrise, and dampened the color of every sunset.

Yes, the future that remains — for me — is limited and finite.

That’s true for everyone. But it was only after I realized the level of sand in the top of the hourglass was only a tiny fraction of what resides in the…

The often overlooked and underrated benefits of asking for help

“How many times do we have to repeat this until you get it right?”

I’ll never forget being asked that question.

My second-grade teacher was annoyed with my lack of immediate comprehension of subtraction, especially the part about “borrowing ten from the number on the left and adding it to the number on the right,” to keep the process going.

So when she asked me how long it would take before I finally got it right, my seven-year-old brain didn’t know how to answer her. Later on, I would realize her question was rhetorical. …


How to get maximum return from the time you have left

It’s a question all of us have to face.

It often comes right after we successfully accomplish a major goal, or when we’ve achieved some degree of success. In fact, that’s when it hits us the hardest — after riding that wave of victory, feeling good about ourselves, and celebrating our accomplishments.

And why not? We deserve it. We worked hard. We put in the time. We did whatever it took to overcome the obstacles and challenges. And now, we can sit back and enjoy the reward.

That might last a few days, a few weeks, maybe even as long…

How to have a positive professional transition when the pink slip arrives

You show up for work a few minutes early, just like you have for the last five years. After pouring a cup of coffee, you head for your desk. And then you see it — a hand-written message, saying your boss needs to meet with you as soon as you arrive.

It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but you grab your notepad and head for her office.

You’re surprised when she stands to greet you, especially when she shakes your hand — because you just saw her yesterday. You notice she seems unsettled, more businesslike than usual.

And then she begins:

“You’ve been a real asset to the company, and the years you’ve spent here have…

5 strategies for reshaping your life through choice, transition, and change.

I haven’t been back to my old hometown in years.

The last time I was there, I felt like I was visiting a graveyard — lots of buried memories and too many headstones. It wasn’t long before I began to feel uncomfortable, and I knew it was time to leave.

A lot of it had to do with the recollection of things left unfinished — incomplete plans, broken dreams, and lost relationships.

Looking back, I know most of it was by choice.

Like most young people, I grew older, lost interest, and simply moved on.

Regrets? I’ll admit there’s a lot more I could have done with my youth —…


How to stay safe when decency, respect, and compromise are no longer an option.

There were about sixty of us sitting in the room, waiting for the start of a graduate-level psychology class specifically designed to teach interactive counseling techniques.

A few minutes later, the professor took his place at the front of the room and began to briefly outline the course content. After suggesting some additional reading sources, he asked each of us to think about why we were there, and what we hoped to learn as a bunch of soon-to-be therapists.

Then he made a statement that rattled a few, pissed off a few more, and left the rest of us wondering if he might be right

“The reason you’re in this class is because you’re broken. In fact, the reason most of you have chosen to pursue…

How to support others in putting their life back together after a crisis

Sure, we’ve all had to deal with dead batteries and leaky water pipes — the common frustrations and irritations of life.

But occasionally, someone close to you will experience a personal tragedy — a time of extreme distress. And when it happens — even though you’re ready, willing, and able to help — you may feel awkward or uncomfortable, because you don’t know exactly what to do or say. But don’t let that keep you from helping out when others need you the most.

Here are the basics, or what I call CPR for the soul.

Be there.

Don’t wait to be asked. If a friend or one of their family members is hospitalized…

Roger A. Reid, Ph.D.

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