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How to lend a helping hand without losing yourself in the process

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It happens. A friend or family member needs your help. They’ve hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go, no one to turn to — except you.

You know it’s going to be difficult, but saying “No” isn’t an option.

You can no more turn your back on the desperate pleas of someone who’s a part of your life than you could refuse to throw a life-preserver to a drowning man.

In my case, I was half of a two-member family team who volunteered to provide supervision, housing, financial assistance, and find new job opportunities for a young man — we’ll call him Charles — who was trying to re-establish himself into “regular”…


How to do the most you can with the time you have left

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A common trait of the successful is to keep tabs on how they’re doing. For example, they set benchmarks throughout the year to evaluate progress and determine if they’re on track with their goals.

Four months ago, many of us were writing down our resolutions and making commitments to stop smoking, get a better job, find a spouse, lose weight, and hundreds of other wanted changes in our lives.

How’s everyone doing?

According to U.S. News and World Report, as cited in an article by Marla Tabaka on Inc., not very well.

Eighty percent of us have not only given up, but we’ve…

The often overlooked and underrated benefits of asking for help

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“How many times do we have to repeat this until you get it right?”

I’ll never forget being asked that question.

My second-grade teacher was annoyed with my lack of immediate comprehension of subtraction, especially the part about “borrowing ten from the number on the left and adding it to the number on the right,” to keep the process going.

So when she asked me how long it would take before I finally got it right, my seven-year-old brain didn’t know how to answer her. Later on, I would realize her question was rhetorical. …

Writing tips/productivity

How to get past your doubts and give readers what they want.

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When I was about twelve, my family decided to visit the relatives living in a small town located in the great state of . . . well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say it’s one of the contiguous 48.

It was a pleasant little town, one of those out-of-the-way places that looked like it had sprung from the canvas of a Norman Rockwell painting. The storybook houses sat on deep, perfectly manicured yards, their long driveways sheltered by leafy canopies of oak and maple, while front porch swings buffered the illusion of Victorian propriety with down-home hospitality.

The downtown area…

He never anticipated a time when he would ask the question, “Now what?” Are you making the same mistake?

picture of astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon
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He was the second human to walk on the moon. His father, Edwin Aldrin, was an engineer and aviation pioneer, and friends with Charles Lindbergh and Orville Wright.

Buzz Aldrin was born to be an astronaut.

His goal of traveling to the moon was a monumental — if not a seemingly impossible — objective.

He saw himself as a lunar astronaut before there was technology to take him there. And yet, he not only believed it was possible, he structured all other aspects of his life around achieving this single endeavor.

But there was a flaw in Aldrin’s plan.

He never imagined what his life would be like after completing his goal. He never thought about the years…


Ready to leave the 8 to 5 daily grind? Here’s a few thoughts that will help you make the transition.

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How are you going to choose your next career?

Like any decision that can potentially affect your income and how you spend your time, you’ve probably looked at others who are doing something similar and measured their results against your expectations.

The first comparison is usually money.

How much are they making? Is that the average for the niche market they serve? It is enough to replace your current paycheck? And most important, can you grow it with greater effort or more effective marketing?

For example, if you want to make $250K a year and the average income for, let’s say, a podcaster, is seldom enough to pay for their equipment and hosting, then it’s…

Personal Development/Success/Life Lessons

Holding onto the past only keeps you from moving forward

man wearing light blue shirt and blue jeans pulling corner of photo between old and new life
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Back in grade school, I remember taking the dreaded “achievement test.”

You probably remember this as a standardized group of questions with separate sections on math, English, social studies, and science.

The test was timed and at the bottom of each page, the instructions “Go On To The Next Page” made it clear we were supposed to keep working until finally reaching the last page of the section, which usually contained the single word, “Stop.”

The actual content of the test and the grade I received has long left my memory.

But those big, bold words at the bottom of the page, “Go On To The Next Page,” have resurfaced many times over the years. …

Responsibility/Values/Personal Growth

Learning the values of responsibility, persistence, and sacrifice is more important than a free ride

group of smiling friends sitting on wall
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When I was a 17-year-old high school senior, my father asked me if I’d made any plans concerning what I was going to do after I graduated — his way of asking if I’d found a job.

Our conversation was a follow up to a previous discussion we’d had a few weeks prior. He’d made it clear how important it was for me to continue my education. He added that he thought my goal of wanting to become an electrical engineer was a worthy objective.

But unfortunately, he didn’t have the financial resources to pay for my college education.

The money he made came week-to-week, generated from a small grocery store located in a…

Personal Development/Success/Happiness

Try this proven NLP-based system to bring about the changes you want in your life

rear view of man looking out over lake with reflection of sky and clouds
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I know many of you are busy putting together your plans for the new year. Some of you will make “resolutions,” making a list of the things in your life you want to change.

For example, you may want to stop smoking or lose weight, make more money, or find a new relationship, a better job, or perhaps change professions altogether. In short, you’re looking for a way to change or improve some situation in your life that’s not as positive or rewarding as it could be.

As you begin the goal-setting process, you may decide to use one of…

How to turn chance encounters into opportunities for success

group of people at social function
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Attending company-sponsored events, seminars, conventions, and conferences are an integral part of working for the man.

Yes, most of these activities have been put on hold due to concerns over Covid-19. But managers also know the value of the added synergy resulting from meeting company executives and co-workers face-to-face. And after the current pandemic is contained, unless the organization is in a cash-flow crunch, you can expect the process of pressing the flesh to continue.

Make it a priority to use these get-togethers to your advantage.

You may have talked to John Smith a dozen times on the phone, but chatting with John in person brings a different dynamic to the…

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