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It’s the most urgent wake-up call you’ll ever receive. How will you answer it?

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It’s just a concrete driveway, with a couple of chalk marks on it.

I did it as an exercise in perspective.

The first line is placed at the beginning of the driveway.

Determine what your vacation time is worth in dollars and cents — then make sure you receive everything you deserve!

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Am I retired? Please stop asking that question.

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It happened again.

As usual, I felt a surge of irritation beginning to build.


How a friend’s predictions of the future changed my mind about getting older

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Yes, the future that remains — for me — is limited and finite.


10 ways to become the exception to the myth of aging

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We get older


Constantly hunting for a better position could leave you empty-handed in the long-term

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So I followed my instincts


The big picture helped me untangle the questionable logic of the forgiven

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Remember Michael Vick?

The public remembers.

The truth about chasing your dreams of success and independence

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Knock, knock … hey, It’s God! Anyone home?

young man sitting on boulder looking to the side backdrop of green hills behind him
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Expecting each hour of the day to return psychic dividends isn’t realistic

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Roger A. Reid, Ph.D.

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